Maybelline Fit Me Hydrate and Smooth Foundation

   So I was in the market for a hydrating foundation. This one seemed promising. This line from Maybelline also comes in matte form. It’s around $7 CAD 

      My actual shade is 112 , but I went to 2 stores and both were sold out. So I went with 115 , I figure it will match me in the summer. 
      It definitely had a scent , sorta like sunscreen. I’ve been applying it with a beauty blender. The beauty blender does absorb a lot of this foundation. I don’t mind too much , because I’m not a huge fan of foundation brushes. 

       It most definitely needs to be set with a powder. Even on my dry skin, it slid around on my face. 

     I prepped my face using the NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer. Awhile ago I said I hated this , but I’m actually starting to like it. 

       Then I applied the foundation using a sponge. Here’s before : here’s after
I would say it’s around medium coverage. It’s not a bad foundation, but I would only recommend if you have very dry skin. Otherwise it will just slide around on your face. 

    Some people say it oxides a lot. For me I don’t really see a change in colour. 

     Thx for reading 🙂


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