How I Manage My Dry Skin/Hair 

About a month ago I started using Accutane. It’s a medication used to treat severe acne. It’s made to dry out your skin. 

    Unfortunately that means your scalp too. I have hair that is long (mid backish, a lil longer), and wavy. I try to keep it healthy , and the ends moisturized so that I could keep growing it out. Before staring Accutane , I was washing my hair every other day. Sometimes I went another day if I was feeling lazy. But by then my hair was quite oily. Now ,my scalp doesn’t seem to be producing oil nearly as much as it did before. Lately I’ve been washing my hair around 3 times a week. But I might cut it down to twice a week. 

     I’m experiencing dry scalp so I feel like overwashing will make it even flakier. The ends of my hair feel drier too. I hoping to get a nice  oil treatment or leave in conditioner for my ends. I would like to keep my hair long , I would rather not have brittle hair. 

    So I’ve been using the Garnier Butter Cream leave in conditioner. It doesn’t weigh my hair down at all which is good. But once I run out I don’t think I’ll rebuy. I want something more moisturizing than this. It’s around $5 CAD. 

      I’m also trying out a dry scalp/ dandruff shampoo. It’s just the generic version of Head and Shoulders.  I haven’t used it yet , but once I do I will give a full review. It was between $5-$6 CAD 

    So now let’s talk about dry skin. My face has been extremely dry. For a while it was so bad that all I did was apply moisturizer, I didn’t wash my face. Now I know it’s bad because that’s just trapping in the dirt and oil. But my skin was to dry and irritated. 

     So I tried washing my face with coconut oil. It honestly was the best thing I could’ve done. My face had felt and looked amazing. I live it. 

      I run some in my hands to make it liquid, and then rub it all over my face. I really rub it on my driest areas (chin ,nose, and eye area). Then I use a face cloth and remove it. 
    Another great thing I do , is put some oil on my face before showering. Showering dries out my face so much that hurts badly. Now I just put coconut oil on before , so that it is like a layer to repel the water. It totally works. 

  My legs and arms can kinda dry out a bit too. I use this Equate Vitamin E Oil lotion. (It’s the genetic version of St.Ives) It’s $4 CAD. I don’t think it’s that moisturizing, but it does absorb extremely quickly which I love. I hate waiting for lotion to dry. 

  Please share any tips you have for dry skin. id really appreciate it:)


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