Accutane Weeks 3&4

Week 3

    My face has been getting worse , but I know it’s to be expected. My nose has almost completely cleared up. I have about 4 new zits. 

   My skin has been scaring more than usual though. Before , not all spots left a scar. But now it seems that they all leave scars.

Current Side Effects:

  • Extremely dry lips 
  • Very dry face 
  • Always thirsty 
  • Tiredness 
  • Daily headache 

 I’m not sure if back pain is a side effect , but I’ve noticed my lower back feels very sore. Coincidence? I’m not sure. 

Week 4 

To me, My skin looks great ! These photos were taken in the morning , usually I take them mid day Because my skin gets more irritated throughout the day. I just didn’t have time today 😦 

     The side effects are the same as last week , except that I also am getting a very dry scalp and my hair is getting drier too. 

      That’s all I have to report 😉


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