Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream 

I’ve owned this product for a while , so that I could give a thorough review. 
    I’d heard that its coverage was quite good and it was a good formula. At my Walmart it was around 6$. So the price is great so I thought why not try it ? 
           One of the things im gonna say first , I got the shade light and it’s too orange and dark for me. It comes in 6 shades i believe. I need to try fair , but honestly when I swatched it in store it was very orange. So I doubt I’ll find the right shade.
    Anyway, the formula is quite thick which I like.the coverage is pretty amazing for a bb cream.  

Here’s before and after using the BB Cream. 
Here it i am with one layer :  and here’s 2 layers :
For a bb cream , this has great coverage. It’s very easy to blend out. My only complaint is that it is much too orange ( looks a lot more orange in person ) also keep in mind that I did not use concealer 🙂 
Hope you enjoyed this review 


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