Fresh Spring Makeup Look 

I’ve decided to throw together a look using lots of the makeup I’ve reviewed on here. 

I know it’s not spring yet but this look just seemed so spring like too me. 

   So this is me without makeup.  Before you judge me though , please read on.                  

I’ve had many issues with my skin for a while. I have dry to combination skin , that is very acne prone. I have cystic acne. So finding products that don’t dry my face out , but also doesn’t break me out is a real struggle. 

       I don’t use full coverage foundations because honestly my skin doesn’t bother me like it use too. I more want to cover up the scaring on my face than the actual acne. Light-Medium coverage is great for me 🙂 

    But enough about my face 🙂 lets get into the makeup ! 😆
I moistured my face already. 

Primer : NYC smooth skin perfecting primer 

I’m going to colour correct under my eyes with the Essence colour correcting concealer in 30 bright rose. I blended it with a dampened Beauty Blender.  

Foundation: Covergirl cgsmoothers hydrating makeup in 705 ivory. I used a Beauty Blender. 

Concealer for blemishes:Garnier pure control pimple tinted concealer in fair/light 

Concealer for under eyes: Covergirl Clean Invisible Concealer in fair

Face powder : Essence all about matte fixing compact powder (translucent) I only put powder on my T-zone. 

Blush : Too Faced Peppermint Mocha Palette in Santa Baby 

Highlight : Elf Illuminating Palette , the colour in the top right corner. 

Brows : eye brow powder , right side the first one on top. (Palette is unknown ) 

Eye brow gel : Elf
Eye primer : Essence I love stage eye shadow base 

Eye shadow : (using too faced holiday palettes)

Lid base : Gingerbread Cookie Palette in Ginger Cream 

Transition shade :Eggnog Latte palette in Skinny Latte 

Crease Shade : Gingerbread Cookie Palette in Maple Syrup 

Inner corner :Peppermint Mocha palette in Peppermint Cream 

Mascara: NYC angel lash in black 

Setting spray : Hard Candy Fast Fabulous makeup setting spray 

Lipstick : NYC Expert Last Lip Colour In 449 Creamy Mauve (satin matte finish ) 

 Hope you enjoyed the finished look 🙂


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