Review:Beauty Treats Correction Pallete 

This is a palette that a got quite a while ago. As in at least 5 months ago. 

       I was really interested in color correcting. The problem was , I was on a strict budget. I didn’t have much money to spend. 

     I was at Urban Planet, and looking at their small makeup display. (Honestly I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to buy makeup from a cheap clothing store) I saw this palette. It was only 10$.  I thought it seemed like a great deal so I bought it. 

 It was definitely NOT a good deal…
         The first thing I did when I opened the palette was check too see if there was a scent.there IS a scent , it’s kind of bad but it’s not too overwhelming. 

      Next I looked on the back and looked at the chart to see where to correct my face. 
        I remember that I put WAY too much product on , out of excitement. The strange thing about this product is that it is a cream. But it’s very strange cream. It drys up and makes the skin it’s on very flakey and cakey. It’s very hard to blend. It’s almost impossible to blend because it dries up so strangely. 
         In the past 2 months or so , I decided to give the palette another go , but to use a lot less product. I tried just using the green concealer , and putting a small amount on my acne spots. Even when using a small amount , it didn’t blend out. When foundation went on top and concealer , it was so dry and cakey , I just took all my makeup off. 
      I know I sound super dramatic, and you’re probably laughing at me , thinking why I am so dumb to buy this palette. But I honestly wanted to give it a fair chance. 

    This review was very negative compared to others , I just wanted to be completely honest. This is just my opinion. 

    If you have other opinions on this product, please comment below ! I would love to hear your perspective on it. 



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