Review:Too Faced Grande Hotel Cafe Holiday Set

I’m a pretty thrifty person. I almost always buy makeup from the drugstore. It’s just so much cheaper , and I’m on a strict budget most of the time. 

      But for Christmas I shoes for a few things from Sephora. One of them was this holiday set. I’m sorry to say it , but I’ve never owned anything from Too Faced before ! So I was SO happy when my Aunt got me this set ! 
      It comes with 3 separate palettes, and a Better Than Sex Mascara. Each palette includes 6 eye shadows and 1 face product. The whole set retails for 50-60$

      This won’t be a review on the mascara because I’m using 2 other mascaras right now , and I don’t want to open a new one yet 🙂
   Peppermint Mocha Palette 

     This palette is scented peppermint and it has more pink tones. 

      My 2 favourite shades in this palette is Peppermint Cream, and Candy Cane. They  are just really nice mattes. I really like all the matte shadows in these palettes , it’s the glitters that I don’t like. 
      The glitters are very flakey and not very pigmented. I’m just not a big fan. A lot of fallout happens when I use them , so I have to do my eye makeup before my foundation. 

    Coffee Chip I found to be flaky and hardly pigmented, the same with peppermint mocha. 

      The face product you get is a blush in Santa Baby.  It’s a nice pinky colour which I like. It was a little bit hard to blend. 
        Eggnog Latte Palette  (I apologize for the bad photo quality, I didn’t have natural lighting so I had to use flash which was very blurry )

      This palette was my least favourite because of the colours of the products aren’t ones I tend to use. It’s scented Eggnog. 

          Frosty nog is nice to set eye primer but it’s a bit powdery. Iced coffee has a nice warm tone that I like in the crease. Cold brew I did not really like. It had a lot of fallout and not good colour. 

           My absolute favourite colour is skinny latte. It’s perfect as a transition shade. 

          The face product you get is a blush is Peach Cobler. I personally don’t really go for shades like this , it’s just too coral for me. 
     Gingerbread Cookie Palette       This is my favourite of the 3 palettes. It smells just like cookies !!! I like using brown tones so that’s another reason why I love this one. 

       Maple syrup is a great crease shade, great for deepening it. Ginger cream is a nice lid shade. I love putting a tiny bit of Black Coffee in the outer v of my eye to deepen it up. 

       The biggest disappointment in this palette was Winter Dream. I was really excited to try it. It seemed like such a pretty shade. But it is sooo flaky and chunky ! 

       The face product you get in this palette is a bronzer in Gingerbread. It’s a good quality bronzer , but too warm/dark  for my skin tone. 

         I should also tell you that all the face products are not completely matte. They all have flecks of glitter in them. But on the face , the glitter is not really noticeable. 

   So there are a lot of hits and misses , But you are getting a lot of product and it IS a good way to try out Too Faced. 
    I’m not sure if I would pay 50-60$ for this , but it is a good deal 😉
    Hope you enjoyed this review 



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