Fresh Spring Makeup Look 

I've decided to throw together a look using lots of the makeup I've reviewed on here.  I know it's not spring yet but this look just seemed so spring like too me.     So this is me without makeup.  Before you judge me though , please read on.               … Continue reading Fresh Spring Makeup Look 


Eyeshadow/Eyebrow Palette 

A year ago I got this palette as a gift from my aunt. It was in a box and I know that I threw the box out.       But now I'm really regretting it because I don't remember at all the brand or name of this palette.        So this isn't a … Continue reading Eyeshadow/Eyebrow Palette 

Review:Too Faced Grande Hotel Cafe Holiday Set

I'm a pretty thrifty person. I almost always buy makeup from the drugstore. It's just so much cheaper , and I'm on a strict budget most of the time.        But for Christmas I shoes for a few things from Sephora. One of them was this holiday set. I'm sorry to say it … Continue reading Review:Too Faced Grande Hotel Cafe Holiday Set