My Top 3 Affordable Hair Products 

I always love trying out new products, but it can get expensive! I find that the cheapest brand at the drugstore for hair products is Garnier. Garnier carries many different products, so I love trying them out.    

         So if if you’re looking for a cheaper brand I would try Garnier, Herbal Essence, or Tresemme. 


    Here are my top 3 affordable hair products :

      Garnier Butter Cream Leave In Conditioner , 5$

    My hair gets weighed down quite  easily,but it’s also quite dry. I had been using an oil from Garnier but it was much too heavy, my hair was getting greasy instead of just moisturized. 

     So I thought I would try a leave in conditioner. I was leaning towards the Garnier one in the green bottle ( not sure what line that one is from) but I decided on this one instead. 

        It is a very moisturizing conditioner , so you have to make sure you only use a small bit. But when used correctly , it is amazing! It makes my hair soft without weighing it down. 

  Garnier Oil In Spray , 5$

      Like I said , my hair is dry an thin which can get weighed down. So I needed something that could refresh it a bit when it felt dryed out. This did just the trick!

         It makes my hair SO silky and manageable!  I make sure to not spray it by my roots though , too not get oily roots 🙂

    Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray , 6$

      I’ve been using this for awhile and I like it ! It works best when curling my hair rather than straightening though.

    All heat protectant that I have tried  makes my hair sticky , and this one doesn’t as much. I think for the price and the quality, it’s a win -win !:)



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