How To Spice Up You’re Makeup For The Holidays 

Christmas is such a fun , happy time. Your makeup should match ! 

    Here are some products and ideas to make your makeup more merry 😉
  A Red Lip


    Red is so classic , but also hard to pull off for some people. Every different skin tone suits a different shade of red, so keep searching until you find your perfect shade!

     My recommendation:Elf Moisturizing Lipstick in Ravishing Rose 

   More Glow on the Face

     Sometimes highlight can be a bit intimidating because it can be SO bright. But around Christmas I think it adds an extra pizzazz to the face ! So go nice and bright with your highlighter! 

     My recommendation: Elf Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal
   A Light Flush of Blush

     Blush is something that I don’t typically wear much. It intimidates me. I always seem to look like a clown or something when I wear it.  

     But a nice light flush is really great and festive. I’m a light skin tone ,so keep in mind I’m not sure about other skin tones, but I would recommend a nice light pink for blush. Nothing too bold that you look like a clown , but something that looks cheery !

         My recommendation: anything that will work on your skin tone to give you a nice, light flush 🙂

       Winged Liner 

     While I’m sure a lot of you already wing your liner , those of you who don’t really should ! It looks great with a red lip and can add something to your eyes ! 

        My recommendation: Maybelline New York  Master Precise eyeliner pen in black 


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