DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

It’s winter. And when there’s winter , there’s chapped lips. 

        My lips get extremely chapped because I have a habit of biting them. I like to use blistex lip balm , or any kind that is cooling. 

        But sometimes chap stick isn’t  enough. Scrubs are made to scrub off the dead skin and reveal the new healthy skin underneath. Think about it , if you’re applying lip balm to the dead skin , it won’t get hydrated. So you have to scrub away the dead skin so the healthy , new skin can be moisturized. 

  Here’s my recipe : 

    1 small container 

     A bowl to mix it in 

     Small fork to mix 

       Coconut oil (in solid form, if not solid then put in fridge for 10 minutes)

        White sugar 
What to do :

      Estimate how much scrub will fit into you’re container. Scoop that much solid coconut oil into the bowl. 

          Add some sugar and combine with the fork. Take a small bit of it and run it between your fingers. You need it to haves very gritty, and grainy texture. Add more sugar until it has the right texture. 

      Scoop into you’re container, and you’re done !


     To use : use your fingers and rub the scrub into your lips. Use a damp wash cloth to remove. Then put a lip balm or oil on your lips. 
     Hope you enjoy ! 🙂 


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