Wardrobe Diaries: Lulu Lemon worth the hype ?

I’ve been wanting a pair of black lulu lemon leggings for a while. They are so classic , comfy , and they look great on everyone. 

      So I asked for them for my birthday. I got exactly the ones I had asked for , and I was thrilled! 

      I wore them once , and went to the mall. I was at the mall for 2 and a half hours. I came home and the pants were starting to pill. Right where my legs rub together when I walk , it was pilling. 

    I wore them once more and then decided I needed to exchange them. So i went to the lulu lemon store. The sales lady recommended I try a different type of fabric that doesn’t pill at all. I liked this pair better so I went with them. 

     I’ve worn this pair about 5 times. It hadn’t pilled  at all , but the seaming on the pant legs are bulging. They weren’t like this when I bought them. 

      I may seem quite picky , but when someone buys you 100$ leggings , they should be great quality. 

     I’m just a bit disappointed. If these were cheaper in price then it wouldn’t be so bad , but they are quite expensive! 

     What’s you’re experience with lulu lemon ? Comment , I’d love too know 🙂

       I still love lulu lemon , I just don’t think the quality of the leggings I have are as great as I expected:(



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