Review On Elf Holiday Pallete 

   I’ve been a fan of elf ever since I saw the price. I mean , it’s inexpensive AND amazing quality. What more can you ask for ?

          When elf started coming out with their holiday sets I knew I needed this one. It’s the Elf Spotlight Ready Pallete. 

     It’s two layers but over eachother in a nice case with a mirror. One layer is just eyeshadow and the other is blushes and bronzers. 

       There are 40 eye shadows, 5 blushes , and 5 bronzers. I’d like to put though, that some of the blushes aren’t really blushes. There’s a brown one that seems like a bronzer to me , and a white one that’s more like a under eye setting powder. So it’s more like 3 blushes. 

     The blushes that you do get are a nice range of colours. 

      The bronzers are a nice range of colours too, some are matte but most are shimmer. I like the pigmentation of the bronzers, I like light pigmentation though , so keep that in mind.

        The shadows are a great assortment. I find myself reaching for this palette ALOT. The only thing is that I don’t think any of the shadows are matte. They’re are a few semi matte , but none that are totally matte.
      Over all I am super happy with this palette. I believe it was 20$ and it was worth it ! 


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