Being Confident 

       Confidence is something everyone lacks , even the most popular people lack confidence. We may not realize it , but we all need a confidence boost , probably daily. 
         I feel confident , but when I really examine myself I see how UNconfident I really am. 

      I get concerned of what other people think of me , so I conform to there standards. And that’s okay sometimes. But it’s not ok when I base my entire outfit on other people do they don’t think I “look weird “. 
       Honestly most of the time others don’t really care what we look like , we just obsess and think they do. 
       Being confident starts in the mind first. If you think you look good , who cares what everyone else thinks ! You can wear those designer jeans that are “SO in” another day. Today is a day for you !
      I encourage you to take these kind of days for yourself.we get so concerned about others , that we forget about ourselves. 

      So in conclusion,go wear that dress that’s in the back of your closet because no one seemed to like it. Go put it on and hold your head high. 

      A more confident person is a happier person 🙂

      Always yours – Alyssa 


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